Friday, 1 April 2016

Introducing The Quirky Quickie on Watercolour Wednesdays

After an outstandingly successful year beginning with being featured in Vogue, then collaborating with the National Trust at May Hill, being featured for the first time in a brand new Arts Magazine in London called the Discerner and then being asked to feature in World of Interiors, I have to say I thought I might have a bit of time to draw breath and plan a bit for how I’d like the next cycle of the seasons to unfold.
But as always seems to be the way with me, I get so excited by a new idea I just have to run with it. Aside from being asked to become a 2017 Painting Tutor with Authentic Adventures. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Lucy Gardner at Woods to launch:
We launched the Quirky Quickie (#QuirkyQuickie) at the brilliant champagne and nibbles preview evening at Woods of Whitchurch  on 17th March 2016 where my most recent commission was unveiled by Sir Colin and Lady Lou Shepherd.
So what is a Quirky Quickie?
In a nutshell, the QQ is a four hour scramble from beginning to end of a house or view in my unique and now rather well-known wavy style, unfolding as you watch, should you choose to wait, at Woods of Whitchurch.
Instead of attracting a price tag of thousands and taking several months, this is a half day process which you can either wait for as it happens or collect later in the day comes at a bargain price of just £200.
Working from a high-resolution photograph of your property taken - full frontal please - I will use all my expertise, madness and ingenuity to imaginatively create a light-hearted, loose, playful original watercolour and pen work of art for you to take away that day.  
In the process the final piece will be photographically mastered by Kenny of Magpi Marketing so that the image can be used for publicity, cards, mouse mats, mugs – you name it really!
The image does not have to be your home – it can be whatever inspires you.  All I ask is that you send it to me at least a week before your booked date so that I can be sure it complies with the size and shape I need to create a Quickie.