Thursday, 12 May 2016

Treverven – A Birthday Surprise Quirky Quickie

Today’s Quirky Quickie was so moving.  A lovely bunch of local friends quietly hatched a plan to surprise a dear friend of theirs.  The friend, Denise, had apparently been saying such lovely things about my art for ages, so her friends decided that as an important birthday was coming up, they’d all club together and treat her to a delicious bespoke lunch at Woods of Whitchurch while I was in the corner beavering away.

A huge THANK YOU first of all has to go to Woody's staff, especially Loreen, who looked after everyone seamlessly and professionally.  I’m sorry Loreen, I didn’t take a photo of you but you were amazing!
So about two weeks ago, one of the gang – Rachel – sent me these photos. 

I found out today she was doing a Peter Rabbit – bobbing about sculduggerously among the petunias trying to snap photos without anyone knowing she was there!  Poor thing – she had to go back several times as I kept on being fussy about the angles needed.  Had I known the lengths she was going to I might have been less demanding! 
But what mattered is the primary sketch was created last week – the important bit – giving me enough time today to create, work on and finish Denise’s commission.
I got started at 10 and made fast progress deliberately so that when the party arrived the house would be recognisable. 

Members of the party started arriving at this point so I had to stop and chat a little, but soon got back to it!

And then the Birthday Girl arrived.  Honestly we were all overwhelmed with her reaction.  It was so moving.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so utterly bowled over as Denise was, it was a privilege to be a witness.

So we needed some photos together obviously before they would let me get on!

And then they settled down to fizz and the most fantastic lunch of tapas created by the wonderful Lucy Gardner and her kitchen ninjas.  The smells were utterly scrumptious I had to concentrate on painting rather than listening to my tummy grumbling! 

And finally, at around 1.15pm, and after a few “could my cats be in there somewhere?” sort of questions, I was able to take the tape off from around the edge and present “Treverven, Quirky Quickie Style” to Denise and her friends.

What do you think?

If you would like to commission me to create a quirky quickie of your home, please do email me on with a high-resolution photograph and I will let you know the next available slot.  Price : £200 to include a delicious fizzy lunch or tea for two!